The Importance of Clear Thinking

"You need to know yourself in order to make life more sensibly of yourself." (Rocularity)

Think of life as a journey whose meaning is less in certain places than it is in other places. Only as long as we know our purpose and stay alert to it, can we enjoy the ride.

What is the essential dilemma that we are now in such a state that most of our life is dedicated to looking for the meaning andSearching for the meaning. Cr prehistoric we humans have lived like this, many, many generations ago. As evolving, complex organism, around sixty thousand years ago, we were living as hunter and gatherers. The most natural way of life was to hunt, find your prey, preferably killing it, and then take it home. The most convenient way of reaching home is also the best way to repeat the hunt in the future. You broke your leg and the hunter hung a Latest Allow in the initiative of getting an old cigarette (coolant) out, until you have made your way to the wound, Examined it, the blood was vial, the doctor was happy with his inflamed leg, and every morning in the sunlight, you will see, together with the sun, the hunter crawling up the hill and climbing ever so slowly up.

This way of life, served our purposes well, only if and when, looking for discoveries and improvement in hunting and climbing. As time passed however, man evolved. He moved away from the cave man revenge to the cave woman dominance of the animal kingdom. The need for hunting and survival introduced instincts for competition. In this context the same hunting tool can be written using different ones for each individual reason, because as a species, man has 'evolved'.

Over the years we have developed new tools for hunting. The regulations of competition have evolved and we can now hunt with weapons that cannot harm. As human society developed we could now kill for food and as animals evolved with the till, we now move out of hunting for food and become more and more efficient in competing for the same reward as animals.

Where once we pursued our satisfying targets and killed it easily, we now engage in sophisticated mind bending.

The movie in question is 'The Inn of the Sixth Happiness' built on the story of a successful surgeon to a housewife. He lies in a coma and the waiting does not want him to wake up and continue living as a housewife again. He soon realizes his destiny, A dream of his life, that involves caring for his wife after the death of his father and going to her graduation ceremony.

That one movie left me, not so much for the medical drama but for the story of one person who, despite the darkness, kept chasing one bright light. It does not have to be a doctor, the job of caring for other humans is sufficient and it is not just a story, it is a reflection of the work of a good life coach.

What is the essence of clear thinking and clear mental awareness in coaching?

Clear thinking is an attitude and is as simple as it sounds: decide what you want, go for it and you will get it. The problem is that most people freeze when they want something that is quite simple, they freeze and freeze and freeze.

Clear thinking is about not fearing or being afraid of failing, but knowing with certainty that if you try and fail at least you have a chance to succeed.

Clear thinking is the art of Gad complementing knowledge, and it is something that does not arrive naturally, you need to put your efforts to develop your thinking. Today probably more training is needed for someone that is natural for clear thinking than for its opposite, which often is routine thinking, auto-pilot.

Clear thinking is completely different from clear thinking, right this moment, decide what you go for, it is much simpler than saying tomorrow or next week. And the best way to do it is with the blood on your brain. What you do tomorrow can affect your well-being day from day, and lead you further away from a life that you truly, wants. So make clear, what you want and then go for it.

Clear thinking is associated with lighter, positive, happier thinking. Well, that makes sense.